Stalker or Eager Suitor?


I did get one good story from meeting with my mom’s college friend, how my parents met.  Skiing.  She was with a group of friends as was he.  They shared a lift together and he ascertained her name and where she lived.  She got off the lift and met up with her friends and that was that.

The following day she arrived home from school to find my father sitting in the kitchen with her mother sharing a late afternoon cocktail!  That’s bold.  But I must say, I’m impressed.  They both lived in Massachusetts.  She was from Lexington and he, Watertown.  She was attending Regis College and he was on brief leave from the navy.

Thus began a long courtship with letters to and fro and meeting up intermittently when my father was on leave.  It is unfortunate that I do not have the letters my mother wrote my father; only the ones my father wrote to her.


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