William Sloane House Y.M.C.A. July 14, 1947



william sloane housephoto (7)

July 14, 1947

Dear Cyclone,

You have no doubt been wondering why you haven’t heard from me, especially after the grand start I made. Well, my ship hasn’t come in as yet, and as my financial reinforcements have been reduced to $2.00, I took a job as night mate on Friday.

Today is only Monday, but since Friday, I have earned $66.50. Not bad for three days eh!

The hours are long and I have to do all the jobs that come up myself, such as slacking lines, watching the loading of cargo, etc., because there is no crew on board at present. The only trouble is that, although the pay is good, pay day is two weeks away. But, I’m doing alright because this morning the captain was on board and advanced me part of my pay.

I haven’t written because I have been working all night and sleeping all day. Yesterday the ship was moved from way up in Westchester County to “Alcoa’s” downtown pier. Oh yes! They had a high pressure helmsman coming through Hell’s Gate and down the East river, namely me. It took two hours, and as it is treacherous steering through Hell’s Gate, the company paid me as chief mate and as helmsman both, $3.00/hour.

I’ll be all set after my first pay day. But, until then, I’ll have a “tough row to hoe” I guess. Oh well, that’s what makes life interesting!

I have two letters from you so far. After reading them over Betty, I have come to the conclusion that I’m too far ahead of you, so far as affection is concerned. The difference in the tone of your letters is quite evident.

Henceforth, I shall try to keep a little more to myself and not put so much down on paper. Besides, I don’t want you to think that you are being influenced in any way whatsoever.

Gosh, I’m tired Bette and I have to get back to the ship again tonight, so I’ll say Goodnight and I miss you too!


I’ll send your money as soon as I’m paid, and thanks a million!


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