M.V. Hawser Eye, July 31, 1947



Ye Gods! Have I been busy! The ship has literally been crawling with people all wanting specific information about the ship and it’s performance. I have to wade through all kinds of unfamiliar paper work made out by men whom I have never met. It certainly keeps me busy.

Well my precious, we sail tomorrow. It might please you to know that I am the only one on board who has received mail this week.

Darling, thanks for making it so different from the time when, after invading Iwo Jima, I looked through 35 sacks of mail without finding a single letter.


David W. Shields

Times have certainly changed for me.  At last I know what it means to really love someone, and, what is sometimes more important, to feel that my love is in capable, trusting hands and will be well cared for until my return.

It will definitely be a three-month voyage, not six months.  Of that I am certain.

I think that I shall be home in time to have double dates with Bobbie and Jim.

I’ll have to close now, I want a good night’s sleep before going to sea tomorrow.  Use this address until further notice:

M.V. Hawser Eye
ALCOA Steamship Lines
Port of Spain, Trinidad
British West Indies

Goodnight My Love.  Take care of my heart,

Love from your Dave.


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