Georgetown, British Guiana. November 12, 1947

Homeward Bound!


Dearest “Cyclone”,

Originally, we were scheduled to begin loading operations for the States, today, the 12th of November. But, a week ago, while we were at sea, bound for Paramarito, our orders were changed by radio.

We have put in a very long week, believe me! Well, the outcome of it all is that right now, at 20:07 hours, 8:07 p.m., we are fully loaded and on our way home.

We will stop at Trinidad for bunkers, fuel, and fresh water, then Dominica for 120 tons of rum, then St. Croix for 2700 stems of bananas. From there we put in at Newport News, Va., for partial discharge.


This change in plans is maddening, because it means that I shall be in the States about 2 days before Thanksgiving. But, I shall be at Newport News. The voyage won’t end until we reach New York, either on Thanksgiving or the day after.

Darling, there is a chance that I’ll be able to go to that Thanksgiving dance, provided I can catch a plane. (This ship is rolling so violently, that I have trouble writing.) So, my girl, if you haven’t a date with someone else for the dance, get your gown, the black one, I have something for our that will look well with it. Cross your fingers, because if I don’t make it, it won’t be my fault. I may die trying.

Also, be sure your skis are ready, or better still, let them wait, and I’ll put a good running surface on them for you.

Darling, do you realize we will have almost a whole month together. Maybe you could even get your vacation the first week in December. Try!

Oh honey, I can’t remember when I’ve ever been as happy. I’m bubbling over! I hear a loud voice inside me singing…”going home, home, home, home!”.

I don’t want to say much more, because if you could guess how terribly I’ve missed you, and could feel the butterflies running riot inside me now, when I think that soon I’ll hold you in my arms, you’d probably be afraid, and your mind would start moving around in circles of doubt, like the loveable “cyclone” that you are.


One life,
One love,


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