Port of Spain, Trinidad. 3 October, 1947

Dearest Betty,

If you see that kid brother of mine, before he goes back to sea, give him my best and tell him to, “keep his feet dry”!

As for Venus, the declination is such now that I can observe it transiting my meridian down here, at night, close to the moon, but, in Lexington, at this time of the year, Venus is over your head in the daytime, and Zenith distance is smallest in early afternoon. Go ahead! Make something of that.

But, if you really want to show your mother that you know your stuff, then turn the page and study the chart, and you’ll soon be able to point out some of the stars. While your studying them, think of me because at the same time, I’ll be shooting them to get the ship’s position.


David W. Shields

Nightfall~ A velvet cloak of midnight blue settles over the land.
A cloak~ Hard wearing fabric, pretext? doubt?~ fear, uncertainty.
A cloak!

Moonrise~ The pale shafts of enlightenment descend to light the breeze of faith,
tearing the cloak asunder.
Whose cloak?~ Your cloak!
Enshrouding the unknown, my love.

Behold, I am your moon!
Turn your face to me.
Bath your beauty in my shafts of enlightenment.
Feel the warm, but salty breeze of my faith.
Hold still! Whilst I tear your cloak asunder!



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