28 May, 1948.

15 June 1948

S/S Brazil.  100 miles east of Cape Frio.

Good Evening “Mrs. Shields”,

I suppose I should say, “Buenos Noches`s Senorita!”  ” Bueno?”

I hope you are feeling well, darling!  No more headaches aside from me, of course.  I hope that your love is beautifully tuned for the coming symphony as mine is.  If ever two people were contented, positive, willing, and eager for marriage as we are, oh what a wonderful feeling it is to be positively certain of one’s love, now, and positive of it’s growth later.

Even though we are apart 38 days at a time, we are always side by side in the certainty of the depth of our love.  I guess that’s God’s way of protecting those of His children who are trusting, faithful, and persistent in their search for the proper mate.

Sweetheart, I’ll arrive at Pier #32 New York at 7:00 A.M. on Monday July 12th.  About 3 weeks.  I’ll send you a telegram as soon as I get in to let you know what days I’ll be home, in case you have anything planned.  I’ll bring you a complete schedule for the year next time I get home.

Honey, I’ve been to busy even to get a sun bath so far.  At this rate, you’ll have a good tan before I even get one started.

My free hours in port, so far, I’ve spent in a futile effort to catch up on my sleep.  We have so much to do.  I won’t even bother telling you now.  I can let you know when we are together again.  I can scarcely concentrate on this letter, my eyes insist on closing.

That’s wonderful news about your vacation!  The second week would be the best for you to come to New York, I think.  Because I may be a senior officer by then and I could see more of you if you came to New York.  I’m sure of my time off after this trip, so it’s best for me to come home to you.  After I get to be a senior officer, all my watches will be rearranged, so that would be the time for you to be in New York, so we could see more of each other.

When you have any article you want illustrated, please send the information to me and I’ll do the best I can for my girl.  I have to close now, not from choice, but I just can’t stay awake.  Goodnight Honey!  I’ll see you in a Technicolor dream!  Oh darling, how I love you!



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