13 August 1948. North Bound


Darling “Cyclone”,

We are only 6* south of the Equator now, and headed “home”.

Don’t forget, your room is reserved starting 22 August at the Henry Hudson Hotel on W57th street.  If possible, ask for Mr. Wilmot at the desk, tell him that I’m the “Mr. Shields” that’s an officer on the Brazil.  Then, he will remember me and see that you are taken care of properly. (Gosh Honey!  I’d like to be taking “care” of you properly, right now.)

Choppy has the pass and what information you will need to get in to pier #32 North River on Monday.

Oh darling!  I’m looking forward so to seeing you!  That’s rather an unnecessary remark, I suppose, because you are now thoroughly aware of how much my thoughts are yours.

Cyclone, just think, we’ll see much more of each other this time, than before.

I have a watch from 5:00 pm on Monday to 8:00 am on Tuesday morning, then 5:00 pm Wed. to 8:00 am Thur. morning, which means we will have:
Days- Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur.
Nights- Tues and Thur.

Maybe I can arrange to have you on board until 10:00 pm on one of the two nights I am on duty. Anyway, we will see a lot more of each other than last time.

Look, if for some reason you can’t get onto that pier, (a Narcotics Agents inspection, or something.), and I haven’t been able to get out along the pier to find you by 10:00 am, go back immediately to the Henry Hudson, and I’ll get in touch with you there.

Have a big “Welcome Home” sign out, because it seems as though I’ve been waiting to kiss those warm, soft, lovely lips of yours “hello again” for ages.

It won’t be long now Cyclone! 260 more days before you start getting my breakfast!

Oh my love, my love, your mine and I’m so very happy.

“Heart of mine, faithful and true,
Love me always,
As I love you!” Please!




William Sloane House Y.M.C.A. July 15, 1947

july 15

Thursday 3am

Hello Darling,

Things are rather quiet on board tonight, so I shall make use of the opportunity to write to you.

You know Sweet, it’s usually rather late at night and I’m terribly tired when I write to you. Not so tired that I don’t think of you much more than I’d care to have you know at present, but just tired enough so that some of my “billets doux” might sound absurd to you.

Darn it, no letter from you today. By the way, have I thanked you for your kindness you have shown me in writing so often? Thanks!

My ship hasn’t arrived in port as yet and I have heard that the one I’m working on may be sold to Argentina. If so, I’ll probably get paid off and have a chance to see you soon.

You know, this may sound rather strange to you, because you are unable to experience the emotions coursing through me, but I’m very glad that you loaned me that $10.00. I don’t quite know why I’m glad about it, I should only be grateful. But, it makes me feel god inside, as though you were really pulling for me or something. I’d best change the subject!

I saw the Italian movie version of “Rigoletto” this afternoon. Stole some time away from Morpheus to do it and I’m not sorry. It was grand!


I never saw a city in my life where money meant so little. I was down to my last dollar a few days ago, and managed to talk the hotel manager into giving me a weeks credit on my room, provided I gave him one suitcase as security. Then, I slept all day and everyday to save money on food. I’d have a cup of coffee when I got up, and then off to work, where I’d scare up a meal out of the ice box and in the crew’s galley. There isn’t much food on board though because, at present there isn’t any crew.

Yesterday, I saw the port captain (for the whole company) and he apologized for keeping me waiting for a ship. He said I had a good war record and that a lot of sea experience and he thought I deserved a good ship, so he was waiting to give me the right one. Then he advanced me enough money on my salary for eating expenses and room rent, and to get my suitcase out of storage.

Strangely enough Darling, I looked forward to having to “live on a shoestring” my first week or so in NYC. It’s part of a man’s education. A man really shouldn’t call himself such unless he has gone without for a while at least. Life assumes entirely new proportions, even though, as in my case, it’s only for a few days.

One thing has been increasing tremendously in value with each day that passes, so much so that, EVEN, were it obtainable by money, there wouldn’t be enough to purchase it anywhere. Yes, my love for you.
If only it were in my power to convince you, to make you, to make you fully cognizant of the depth of my emotion for you.

Enough of that! It doesn’t look good on paper at this hour of the morning, and I had made up my mind not to refer to it too often while apart from you.

I can convince you much more lastingly my love when I have you in my arms and am basking in the reflection of the sparkle of your sweet smile.

Goodnight my love,