Setting the Date

Dearest Cyclone,

Say, about our wedding date.  You had your wish about waiting until May.  Now, listen to me about the day in May.

The S. S. Brazil arrives in New York on Wednesday May 4th and sails again on Friday May 6th for a 45 day trip.  I think we should make Thursday May 5th our wedding day.  Then Johnny may have a chance to be there, maybe even Ward Castle if he can get off.  But, Thursday May 5th I should like to be our wedding day darling.

One thing about the ceremony, you don’t have too much to plan in the actual ceremony.  God took care of that Himself when He made it a Sacrament, and provided an absolutely perfect beginning for any young couple.  Just imagine how wonderful it will be to be side by side, at last, at our Wedding Mass.  Oh! darling what can I say to let you know how deeply I feel it even now five months before.  I can feel goose pimples of sheer joy playing tag on my spine when i think of you there beside me, when the priest says those words.  You know, my love, I believe we are wrong when we say that there are no words to express how deeply we feel our love.  There are words and not in the little black box either.  The words of the marriage vows taken with God, at His Mass, sanctified by His presence.

I think that then, when, after you say, “I do”, I look into your exquisitely expressive Irish eyes, I shall see the faith, complete trust, and confidence of undying love written there.  A union glorified and protected by divine love.

How can Catholics help but marry for eternity?  If two people as much in love as we are, listen with their hearts opened before them to the words of their Service, how could either of them ever be unfaithful afterward.

Oh darling, if only there were some way that we could get a hold of all the young couples who will go racing to a notary public, a Justice of the Peace, or a Sea Captain, in the month of May, and let them have the opportunity that God has given us.

I’m getting a little impatient now, for our wedding.  Not impatient for selfish reasons, but impatient for you to become used to me and for you to begin to enjoy the rich fullness of happy married life.

Soon, my wife,




Spawners of the Farm

My parents loved each other. This much is true. I have letters my father wrote my mother while away at sea during World War II, before they were married, expressing his undying love and plans for the future:

Dearest Cyclone,

     Well, the other Junior has not reported for duty as yet, so I work 24 hours on and twenty four hours off.  Not quite enough time to get home to see you, but almost!  Gosh honey, I love and want you so much that the days away from you seem unbearable.  I don’t think I’ll be away at sea after we are married.  I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it any more than you.  “Truly”, I love you so much that it hurts.

I hope you don’t mind my borrowing that other picture of you for my room.  I have it right on my desk in front of me.  It looks fine, but I can only look at it, I can’t feel the warm, silky curve of your cheek against my fingers.

     Oh darling!  Thank God!  I found and convinced sweet, tender, loving Betty C., to be mine.  What a wonderful feeling it gives me to know that, although we are apart, our hearts and lives are as one.

I met a mate today who was Ck. Mate when he was 20 years old.  He is now 50, and guess what he is?….Ck. Mate!  That’s the kind of brilliant career going to sea is.  Nope, not for me.  Just long enough to get money for the two of us to get started with.  After that, college or some definite course of action ashore.  I don’t know what as yet.  All I know is that I’ll not be going to sea any longer than is absolutely necessary.  That’s all for now “Masterpiece”.

     All my love dear,

  Your Dave 

Brazil May 1948