Spawners of the Farm

My parents loved each other. This much is true. I have letters my father wrote my mother while away at sea during World War II, before they were married, expressing his undying love and plans for the future:

Dearest Cyclone,

     Well, the other Junior has not reported for duty as yet, so I work 24 hours on and twenty four hours off.  Not quite enough time to get home to see you, but almost!  Gosh honey, I love and want you so much that the days away from you seem unbearable.  I don’t think I’ll be away at sea after we are married.  I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it any more than you.  “Truly”, I love you so much that it hurts.

I hope you don’t mind my borrowing that other picture of you for my room.  I have it right on my desk in front of me.  It looks fine, but I can only look at it, I can’t feel the warm, silky curve of your cheek against my fingers.

     Oh darling!  Thank God!  I found and convinced sweet, tender, loving Betty C., to be mine.  What a wonderful feeling it gives me to know that, although we are apart, our hearts and lives are as one.

I met a mate today who was Ck. Mate when he was 20 years old.  He is now 50, and guess what he is?….Ck. Mate!  That’s the kind of brilliant career going to sea is.  Nope, not for me.  Just long enough to get money for the two of us to get started with.  After that, college or some definite course of action ashore.  I don’t know what as yet.  All I know is that I’ll not be going to sea any longer than is absolutely necessary.  That’s all for now “Masterpiece”.

     All my love dear,

  Your Dave 

Brazil May 1948