William Sloane House Y.M.C.A. July 9, 1947

Jul 9 1947

My Darling,

 Tuesday Midnight

Tonight I have had a reunion with an old enemy of mine, loneliness. Loneliness, in itself becomes bearable at sea, because their is visible reason for it, and a man concentrates on doing his job swiftly and accurately; the sooner to end loneliness.
But, when a man is ashore, in the largest city in the world, not working, just reporting to the office once each day, he has time to walk and think; time is heavy, and loneliness “holds field day”.
Honey, I honestly believe that friends in this synthetic monument to the mercenary strivings of modern civilization, are judged by the size of their wallets, rather than the size of their hearts.
But, just as I was thinking of you, and missing you most, after having walked two hours aimlessly, passing time watching and figuring out people and their actions, I turned a corner into 32nd street, and there, like an oasis in the desert of aloneness, stood a Franciscan Mission, Spanish Iron Grille work, patio with garden and everything. It was wonderful. Note` Bene!
If it were as easy to keep love as it is to make it, half the troubles of mankind would be over.

Honey, about that decision of yours, you know, “the dark cloud”, as you call it. I can only repeat, “the heart has reasons of which reason has no knowledge”. If you remember our conversation, on various occasions, you will recall how positively I feel in regards to your staying away from that “Dark Cloud”.
You have an effect on me, a power to break down my emotions completely, as you have done several times. Imagine the “Hard Rock”, Chief Mate, crying like a baby in a woman’s arms. Sweetheart, you reached the core of me when you transferred my heart to you! I can’t live without a heart, but when I get mine back, I want yours beside it. Make no mistake!

Goodnight Darling. All my love,


P.S. Please write soon!