A Letter to My Family

dad bThis is Dad as a young merchant marine. He graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 1943 and went into service shortly thereafter.  I have learned of his earlier life through his sketches and letters that Mum and Nana preserved.  I did not know this side of him.  I knew only a broken man; struggling with alcoholism, a shattered career, and the loss of his great love to cancer.  It has been a privilege to travel through time with him and bare witness to the musings of a man at sea, declaring his love and contemplating his future.  I have found it to be a bitter sweet experience; conjuring sadness for what came to be, but also, a warmth in my heart that has long been cold; a salve to the wounds that our family endured.

I created this blog for us, to preserve our history and sense of place in the world.  I’d like to think he is glad I am sharing his letters.  He loved Mum so much and that is a nice feeling.  We all came from a great love.  Enjoy.  I love you all.



P.S.  Start reading from the oldest post.  Scroll down and read your way up to Nov. 2, 1948